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* * policy: MUST READ * *

» I will not host personal blogs, or business websites. Sw only. No exceptions.

» I will not host anyone that I don’t recognize from the sw {ON FACEBOOK}.
This means if you don’t have a sw Facebook than it’s not happening.

» No uploading anything that is outside of the sw. ONLY website content for YOUR website is allowed. Do not try to store other people’s content on your site. Use your computer for that. This includes sims content or personal images/content. Please upload YOUR websites content.

» My hosting is free. However, you can donate $$ if you want to help me out. That’s up to you and is always going to be greatly appreciated because hosting is super expensive and a lot of work.

» Anyone recently returning {1+ year(s)} to the sw must be active for at least 2 months before I will even consider you, unless you pay a $10 non returnable deposit. I am tired of people coming back, getting hosting, just to end up disappearing again a month later.

» If you completely disappear from Facebook for a long time, without even speaking to me, I have the right to delete your hosting. You’re not parking on my server and taking up space for nothing lol. That’s not fair to me or anyone else.

» Please don’t waste my time or space! Don't ask for hosting if you know you're one of those people who disappear every 5 seconds.

» You must not have anything that was redistributed or copied from another website.

» Your site must not contain any adult content, or anything malicious.

» Linking wishrose as your host is not required, but I do appreciate it!

» You must let me know if you quit, or if you give away your website to someone else.

» If you need help with your website, or run into any errors/issues, please contact me asap!